We hope you enjoy our nature photography and our site. We are a group of people who enjoy the world of photography every chance we get. We offer images for sale, photography services for hire, photo greeting cards and nature photo workshops. Our purpose is to share our images with those who appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature and to help those who enjoy improving their photographic skills.

Darrell Tangen.

I have been involved with photography as long as I can remember. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie that used 127 film. Now I am a licensed photographic instructor in the state of Minnesota and have taught all aspects of photography/digital photo imaging for the last 30 years, both in the industry and in the educational system.

Contact Darrell at dtangen1@msn.com

Gayle Tangen

Being married to a instructor and being a instructor in the manufacturing industry myself, I understand how important it is to provide the students with the best possible learning experience during the workshop. I plan, organize and the arrangement for each workshop. I also assist in the field during the workshops.

Contact Gayle at gt1221@msn.com



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